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City Bowls Mixed Fours

The City Bowls Mixed Fours was held on Saturday 6th August at the Val Bertrand Netball Stadium.  30 teams took part, playing 4 games of 12 ends.  At the end of the day there were 3 teams that had won all 4 games.  The winners based on shots up were Wayne Pattie, Blackie Lenehan, Rodney Wilson and Debbie Keane.


Final Results:

1st: Wayne Pattie, Blackie Lenehan, Rodney Wilson, Debbie Keane.

2nd: Glenn Sargent, Justin Webster, Joanne Webster, Ned Callow.

3rd: Ray Hoy, Don Price, Ron Oakley, Catherine Hoy.

4th: Shane Manifold, Mark Broadwood, Heather Broadwood, Meredith Norton.

5th: Arthur Finch, Jean Clover, Pam Dwyer, Dianne Finch.

Best Morning: Shane Cashill, Brendan Keane, Jodie Jones, Jacinta Marney.

Best Afternoon: Colin Wilson, Gill Phillips, Sue Gavin, Andrew Stokie.

city bowls mixed fours 2016 FINAL results

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